Should I Switch From QuickBooks to QuickBooks Online?

The “cloud” is bringing about massive upheaval in small business accounting. You have heard the rumbling and upheaval, the carnage and disruption.  You have seen […]

What Is Depreciation Again?

The very word, depreciation, causes a certain glaze to fall on the faces of business owners.  The mention of the word can invoke beaches and […]

Make $1,000 Per Hour

You are probably already making $1,000 per hour and just don’t realize it.   This astounding claim is the most interesting point of Perry Marshall’s book […]

Book Review: 80/20 Sales and Marketing

80/20 Sales and Marketing by Perry Marshall contains enough perspective-altering analysis to easily justify spending a year to digest it all.  Perry Marshall, an engineer […]

What’s Up With Your Logo?

The Red Earth logo reflects aspects of the four years my wife and I lived in Peru. Before Red Earth, I dreamed of running an […]

The Red Earth Story

Red Earth Beginnings While accounting may sound as dry as the white paint in your living room wall, what people can achieve through the goals […]

What Insurance Benefits Can I Offer My Staff?

Managing a practice is hard work.  Between the patients, records, billing, payroll, appointments and communication, employees still need to be managed.  Benefits are often pushed […]

To Get a Loan, Speak the Language of a Banker

Your business is growing quickly and you are approaching the next step on the growth stairway. This step includes the risk of taking on more debt […]

Eddie Bauer Gives Me Brand Envy

I’ve got brand envy. Is there such a thing? If you’ve never been in an Eddie Bauer store they use their slogan, “Live Your Adventure”, […]

How Much Cash Should I Keep In My Business?

If you’re going to stay in business you’re going to hear many quotes about cash.  Two of the most popular quotes are: “Revenue is vanity, […]

How Do You Charge?

Pricing in professional services leaves no shortage to the imagination. Like the Wizard of Oz making decisions behind the curtain, it often seems each accounting […]

4 Ways to Navigate the Coming Recession

The financial media are in a tizzy. The latest predictors are showing the US economy may be headed for a recession.  After ten long years of economic expansion it looks like the party is coming to an end. As a business owner, this impacts you in a very real way.  As a leader whose job it is to care for those who work for you, the thought of a reduction in work and the potential of layoffs is miserable. Considering you know the names of the family members rely […]

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