The Government Will Pay You to Keep Your Employees Employed

The Government Will Pay You to Keep Your Employees Employed As expected, the Senate passed an economic stimulus bill Wednesday evening which includes a provision […]

Why Does My Cash Not Match My Income Statement?

Why Does My Cash Not Match My Income Statement? In the prior post on forecasting cash flow, we addressed the inherent challenges with budgeting, namely […]

Don’t Get Squeezed Between Your Banker and the Tax Man

Owning a business is the quintessential American Dream.  Pulling up your bootstraps and making the dream a reality is one of the highest cultural goals […]

Don’t Budget, Forecast Your Cash Flow

New year, new you. The changing of the calendar from 2019 to 2020 brings amazing changes, right? The gyms are full of people who have […]

5 Reasons We Won’t Work With You

That’s right, we’re not for everyone.  Unlike most accounting practices, Red Earth is for a specific type of client.   Accounting is a profession that every […]

What is a KPI?

If you are serious about investing your efforts into activities that deliver tremendous value to your company, you need to learn about KPIs.   One of […]

The Case for Gratitude in Your Business

You survived another Thanksgiving meal.  With any luck you avoided the awkward sharing that is typical of many Thanksgiving dinners.  You know the one.  It’s […]

Accounting Red Earth Style

  Red Earth CPA exists to create more freedom for business owners so that they can focus on the high-value work that leads to growth.  […]

The Problem with the “Tax Guy” Business Model

Is it possible to be a CPA and start a small practice without being the quintessential “tax guy”? (I’m not sure the term ‘tax gal’ […]

Adam Neumann Should Not Be The Most Hated Man In America

As the WeWork saga continues, there are hundreds of commentators offering analysis in the wake of the massive IPO debacle.  Since my last blog post, […]

I Am Busier Than Ever But I Don’t Feel Like I’m Getting Anything Done

How many times have you said or heard that phrase? Dumb question, because in 2019 this refrain is so commonplace. Productivity despair is a reality […]

What Do I Do With My Current Staff If I Outsource My Accounting?

Why does the thought of outsourcing your accounting cause you heartburn?  Likely because it promises to reduce or eliminate staff pay for your company.  For […]

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– Rebecca Schroeder, President, Whiteshire Hamroc LLC


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