What does Red Earth mean?

My wife and I spent four years living in Peru, South America, primarily in the town of Pucallpa.  An Amazon jungle town, Pucallpa is a Quechua word meaning red earth. You can read more about that here.

Why would you start an accounting firm?

We are living through a technological revolution impacting every industry in the world.  The internet has completely changed our lives, giving us the ability to connect with people around the globe instantaneously.  Nevertheless, most accountants continue to work as if nothing has changed.

I believe there are clients who want the support of an accounting firm that functions more like a technology company with readily available support, fixed pricing and the ability to access anywhere.

With 100% of our software in the cloud, we enable our clients to remove the paper barriers holding them back from managing their businesses.

How do you work?

We are a virtual firm utilizing cloud technology to transact business.  We use and recommend the best and most current software to manage your books and taxes.  Meetings are on videos and we have the ability to work with clients nationwide.

Documents are scanned and uploaded to our secure document storage system.

Do you accept clients working in QuickBooks Desktop?

We are a cloud accounting firm only and therefore will only work on cloud-based accounting software.  We currently support QuickBooks Online and will convert your accounting records to the cloud.

Who do you serve?

We serve adventurous service professionals in managing their businesses.  Because we exclusively serve businesses, we can help them utilize the best practices to conduct their business.

Do you prepare personal tax returns?

We only prepare the personal tax returns for the owners of the businesses we serve.

Do you prepare non-profit tax returns (990s)?

We do not prepare non-profit tax returns.

Can you just file my tax return?

Because we work closely with the business on a continuous basis, we don’t just file tax returns.  We work with our clients on a monthly basis spending time throughout the year to set and attain goals, measure results and handle tax transactions so tax time is a smooth process for everyone.

Can I meet with you?

I am available for a video discovery call.  Just fill out the form here.

What’s your hourly rate?

Our services and products are priced upfront so we avoid the inherent conflict of interest of billing by the hour.  You can read how we price here.

Do you want to move back to Peru?

While we love the memories we have, the friends we made and the time we spent there, we have no plans to move there for any extended time period.

What was your favorite part of your Yamaha XT 350?

It was loud, really loud.  With the dual exhausts, it made a lot of noise and very fun to ride.

Also, because it was a late model, its value on the black market was very low meaning no one wanted to steal it.  That was not the case for my Honda Tornado 250.


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