Red Earth Beginnings

While accounting may sound as dry as the white paint in your living room wall, what people can achieve through the goals they set and the impact it can have on their community is vast.

It was a cooler day in the low jungle of the Amazon basin.  I drove my 1994 Toyota 4Runner West on the paved road that would eventually lead to Lima. The road was wet with the recent showers and giant, humid clouds hung just above the lush green vegetation.

To reach the community of La Merced de Neshuya, a community formed close to the farms and rows of palm oil trees, the weather and roads needed to be perfect.

After traversing the treacherous “bridge” made of stacked logs, we safely arrived at our destination.  Several group members saw the truck and had their “savings sheets” in hand as they greeted one another.

The members were part of a savings group for entrepreneurs.  A new concept in the community, they were squirreling away money at each meeting and marking it on their savings sheet, lending funds to each other and in turn providing a substantial boost to the investment they could make in their businesses.

This small initiative combined with regular teaching about business management was changing the culture.  They were saving money with a goal in mind and suddenly goals were achievable.

The success was contagious.  Hope began to change the countenance of the people of La Merced de Neshuya.

It’s amazing how the right message, tools, and working together can change a community.

A jungle town on the edge of the Ucayali river, Pucallpa, Peru was home for 3 years.

The word “pucallpa” means “red earth” in Quechua.   It is derived from the red clay that is abundant in the low jungle.

Looking for a name that symbolized the many themes and lessons learned while living there, I decided what better name for an accounting firm than Red Earth.

Red Earth stands for a way of living that is intentional. 

Red Earth supports the business community, and we seek to live meaningful lives full of adventure.

We strive to live by these values:

  • Adventure – Red Earth serves those who are energized by risk and are actively charting a unique course to achieve extraordinary results.
  • Gratitude – Gratitude is at the core of Red Earth because I realize so much of what I’ve been given is outside my control.
  • Community – Red Earth appreciates the relationship among healthy businesses serving communities to help them thrive.
  • Independence – Red Earth celebrates those displaying independence and willful determination, recognizing that it drives us and those we serve.

Our clients are independent thinkers and are accustomed to leading the pack.

We utilize advanced software to create a paperless, location independent business for our clients.

We work closely with our clients and maintain regular communication.  Our fixed price agreements encourage collaboration without unexpected bills for a quick phone call or email.

Tax season becomes smoother and less hectic when we are managing the books.  You no longer need to scramble for documentation from a loan ten months earlier- it’s all being recorded monthly and incorporated in financial statements from the prior year.  As a result, returns are completed earlier and with less busywork.

Just as microfinance was used to serve rural palm oil day laborers and entrepreneurs, accounting serves businesses and assists them to achieve their goals and growth plans.  At its finest, accounting transcends numbers to become a partnership between experts to create a dynamic system and to employ others. Thereby creating wealth and supporting civic life.

Red Earth is designed to do just that. We serve adventurous, growth-oriented service professionals by providing them with outsourced accounting and tax services.