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Pine Cove Consulting

An outdated accounting system was slowing down Colby and Brandon’s otherwise fast-growing MSP. With Red Earth’s support, converting to QBO saved them ~10 hours of work a week


Less is more. It’s about opportunities, new horizons, possibilities, new mindsets.

To grow you need a hand-up, not a handout, which is the approach we take to provide opportunities to all.


You live and breathe by these values. So do we.

We’re unwavering in our commitment to deliver what we said we would. We’re accountable to our clients, and crucially, we’re accountable to ourselves. We’re allergic to complacency. We check ourselves regularly because a strong sense of honor runs through our whole team. We know when our work is brilliant and we’re honest when it needs adjustments. We ask: are we proud of this? Is it beyond competency, is it excellent?

Our standards aren’t just for our skills, they’re in how we conduct ourselves too. We keep our clients at the forefront of our minds, throughout all our processes. We’re in regular communication, working together to lay the foundations for their future goals. We’re proud of what we do and how we do it. We see our clients directly benefiting from the quality of our work and that feeling is awesome. We want more of it. It’s why we work to these standards day in and day out.

At Red Earth, we need purpose. Caring about what we do and where we spend our time is fundamental to our firm. We champion community-focused, independent, purpose-driven businesses. We’re drawn to the humble, pay-it-forward types because we have a hunch they’re looking after their community if they’re volunteers themselves. We want our clients to achieve great things and we ensure it by strengthening their financial foundations. We know accounting might not set your world on fire, but working with the right type of business will.

Independence runs deep within our culture. We believe top-quality accounting can happen anywhere in the world; a Red Earth employee can wield their skills from a ski lodge if they want to. We deliberately choose tech that allows you to be totally untethered, gone are the days of dropping off paperwork to your accountant or stashing receipts. We believe in mentally untethering too; it pays to not work sometimes (what’s good for the soul is good for business too).

Independence also shows up in the types of businesses we work with and in the brilliant people we hire. Our clients have had the courage to build something new and our natural instinct is to make sure they grow. They gain independence through strong business accounts, sage advice and excellent strategic planning.

We know we’re lucky and we’re damn grateful for it. Not because we passed exams, built a business or make a profit. That’s less luck, more planning. We’re grateful because those things were even achievable in the first place. We’re thankful for the cards we’ve been dealt; good fortune and hardship combined. Our gratefulness comes from experience, wonder and discomfort. Our gratitude is rooted in life lessons. We’re thankful for clients with great business practices and the ones who want to build them. We’re grateful for the people we work with and we surround ourselves with humans who know they’re lucky too.

“Paul’s experiences have given him a unique overall understanding of the accounting as well as banking perspectives. This has been a valuable resource when communicating with our financial partners.”

– Rebecca Schroeder, President,
Whiteshire Hamroc LLC


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